Geek TGI Friday's Flair

TGI Friday's walls are littered with "vintage" wall decor. Red Lobster has old lobster traps and fish photos all over their walls. Then it hit me: geek hangouts need their own brand of wall flair. Why not outdated tech books?

I've got a ton of books on technologies that aren't in widespread use any more. I'd donate them but even Goodwill doesn't want stuff like that. When you think about it it makes sense. So where do they go? The landfill? I like to pretend I'm much more environmentally friendly than that.

Some hangout for geeks needs to step up and offer a free appetizer or something for anyone that brings in a tech book that was published before, say, 2000? That seems like a reasonable cutoff. Then all the geeky people can laugh at the titles lining the shelves above their tables. "PowerBuilder? Oh, shit! I wrote something in that once!" (Apologies to Sybase, but you really need to give up on that shit.)


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  1. Tracy Says:

    There used to be a video game place where I used to live that decorated with old hardware front panels (think IBM 3350 disk drives and PDP-11 minis). It was pretty seriously cool, and I always thought it was a shame the place was always dimly lit, so you couldn't really appreciate them. I wouldn't think it would be hard to cons up some old mainframe front panels with plenty of "das blinkenlights" driven by a microcontroller. Having real toggle switches could get expensive, though.

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