An Embarrassment of Fixes

I finally broke down and picked up a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the XBox. I do love me some multi-player first person shooters. When you try to play online multi-player the game attempts to connect to EA's servers. Unfortunately I could not for the life of me connect. I tried multiple times, reset my XBox, reset my router, etc. A couple of minutes of Google searches led me to this little gem. It says that the EA proposed fix for this problem is to disconnect from XBox Live, reset your system clock to 2005, log back into XBox Live, and then try the multi-player mode again. It sounds stupid but I tried it and it actually worked.

As a programmer I feel embarrassed for EA. That's a stupid fix. That's the best they can do? As someone interested in user experience I feel even more embarrassed for them. Any hope of using your product right out of the box requires someone to either Google around for this idiotic fix or to contact your support group and have them suggest this idiotic fix. That blows. I would think a company of that size could do better. The best case scenario for any hope of a defense is to somehow claim that Microsoft is to blame. That'd be a stretch since every other online multi-player game I have works right out of the box. Oh well.


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