Optimizing PNG File Sizes

For the past few weeks I've been working on improving the load time of an applet at work. Someone here noticed a while back that we seemed to have a ridiculous amount of image files in the applet. There are roughly 23 megabytes of images in the final jar which is around 14 megabytes in total size.

I opened a couple of the files in GIMP and resaved them to find that the final file was much smaller than the original. It turns out that the images were created using Fireworks and by default it puts some extra information in the PNG file, things like layers or palette information I believe. A few minutes of searching around on the internet and I found a wonderful tool named PNGOUT that could be used to losslessly optimize the size of PNG files. I used Cygwin (I'm on Windows at work) to run all of the PNG files through the utility via this command: find . -type f -name '*.png' -exec pngout.exe {} \; and waited a few minutes. The end result was as follows:

Total size of images: 24,147,770 bytes
Total size of app jar: 14,086,540 bytes

Total size of images: 1,026,186 bytes
Total size of app jar: 4,335,560 bytes

Yikes. Not bad for a few minutes worth of work.


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    Paint.NET with the OptiPNG Addon – Look into it :)

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