2008 Olympics Television Schedule

I'm pretty disappointed with the online listing of NBC's television coverage of the Olympics. It's not a particularly useful format. I poked around a little and found some crappy reformat attempts and even thought briefly of reformatting it myself. Before committing to actual work I decided to look at Google Calendar to see if anyone had thrown together a public calendar of the televised events. Lo and behold there a metric crapload of calendars over there. I'd link to them here but you need to have a (free) account to see them. Here's a small example (that won't make any sense after the Olympics are over):

Plus, having it as a calendar on Google will allow me to search it and, if I copy an event to one of my own calendars, even send SMS reminders of events. Woot! It would have been a nice feature if I could copy the whole calendar to make it editable by me instead of having to copy appointment by appointment. With a bulk copy I might have gone through and deleted anything I wasn't interested in ahead of time (that would be none of them–it's the Olympics, chump). It would also have simplified the multi-step process of creating an SMS reminder. Oh well. It's still very useful.


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  1. Robert Simmons Says:

    Aww, it's so sad that the calendar is now empty.

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