Java, Private Members, and Dynamic Proxies

I found this problem and solution and then backtracked to some Google search results to make sure I wasn't being completely stupid. The issue was that the equals method on one of my objects was returning false when I knew the two objects were equal. A quick trip to the debugger showed me that the method was using some of the private member variables of the provided object to determine equality. Something along the lines of if( (no that's not the whole method, yes I know how to write an equals method, etc). The problem is that if the object provided to the method is proxied by something like a CGLIBLazyInitializer, those private fields may not have values. So, you're best off using the getter method. Also, as another blog and its comments point out, you need to be careful when calling certain methods on the provided object. One example is that you can't rely on using the getClass() method and should use instanceof instead.

As the other post also points out, this is one of the possible odd side effects from using Hibernate, even though it's really an issue with the CGLIB dynamic proxy class(es).


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