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I've been listening to back episodes of the Agile Toolkit Podcast. One of the things that really caught my attention was the frequent mentioning of something called CodeGreen Labs. From elsewhere on the internet:

We are dedicated to creating a unique training experience that uses real projects with real deliverables. Labs work on projects that make a difference in the world, benefiting organizations that are working to improve the environment, human rights, social justice, health and economic development. By marrying the efforts of dedicated professionals learning Agile Development techniques with not for profit and research communities that need high quality software, we hope to be a small part of a positive change. Each training class will work on a specific software project for a specific cause.

It's volunteering to work on a real software project that is, hopefully, well run so that you can get real world experience. Sure, they get something out of it, but who cares about the other guy? I imagine they get mainly students. A few of the people in my work circles and I have been talking about something exactly like this. The head of my current company has mentioned to me numerous times that he's seeing disturbingly bad candidates coming to him fresh out of college CS programs. I can't comment as to the overall quality of CS programs around the country, but something like CodeGreen Labs seems like a brilliant idea on many levels. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed at how unfriendly their home page was:



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  1. Reelix Says:

    They seem to have fixed their site :)

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