Why TrendMicro Sucks

A few years back when I was looking for anti-virus software, I read a review that put Trend Micro's PC-cillin as the best available. I bought it and have used it on all of my ever dwindling number of Windows computers ever since. When I got computers for my parents, I put PC-cillin on them. I've always found it to be a good, non-intrusive, non-resource hungry Windows anti-virus product. My last purchase was a three license package that had a rebate that never came. Whatever.

However, their recent shenanigans have me insanely pissed off. I get a particularly spammy looking piece of e-mail on Monday with the subject of "Your Subscription will be renewed in 2 days." The email explains that my 1 year subscription is going to expire but that it'll auto-renew 7 days before expiration at a 10% discount. Yay! While the email does include my name it lacks any other identifying information. As I mouse over one of the links I see that it's pointed to dr.bluehornet.com. In fact, the email has no links pointing to any Trend Micro site. The email even came from trendmicro.cs@digitalriver.com. Surely this is spam so I ignore it.

On Wednesday I get an email saying I've been billed for the renewal. This time the email actually has more personal (and accurate) information, including a serial number. It's still from digitalriver.com but at least it has one link that points to the Trend Micro site. I begin to get very unhappy. Since when is billing my credit card for software an opt out situation? I follow the link (to digitalriver.com) to cancel the order to find that the order number isn't in that system yet. I cancel it using the email and am told that although they managed to bill me very quickly, it may take up to a week to cancel the order. I also use the original email to go to the same site to opt out of the auto-renewal program. Of course, I make sure that I don't have to provide any additional personal information on any of these sites since I'm still somewhat suspicious of things. We'll see if this manages to actually cancel the order. If not I'll take it up with the credit card company.

A wee bit of research shows that this is not a new situation. I'm still pretty pissed not only about the opt out notion of charging me for shit I didn't request but also by the fact that my information has been shared/sold/whatever to a third party. I'm pissed that an email sent on behalf of an anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-bullshit software company is made to look so goddamn spammy that I don't want to acknowledge it.

Fuck Trend Micro. I won't buy their products any more. I won't recommend their products. I will, as much as I can, campaign against the use of their products. I'll use an inferior product from another company just out of spite. We are no longer happy customer and vendor. Fuck you, your questionable business practices, your sharing of my information, your opt out auto-renewal program, your inability to instantly cancel my unsolicited order, and your choice of partners. Did I mention fuck Trend Micro and PC-cillin? Eat shit, go fuck yourself, rot in hell. There's no fixing the situation, I will not be "talked down", I cannot be recovered as a customer. Good job, assholes.


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  1. Karen Says:

    TREND DOES SUCK! Here's a copy of an email I sent to them along with a long laundry list of other who feel the same way.

    I have sent at least a dozen requests to a simple question regarding my
    purchase. In return I have received nothing but automated responses that do not
    anwer my question or help me in any way. This email tag has been going on for
    THREE WEEKS! I see however that my card was charged the very same day I made the
    purchase AND never received your stupid crap software! I thought it was me, just
    an isolated case – hey, things happen right? WRONG!

    I was charged twice for your product in January. I sent an email explaining the
    situation to you and asked to just credit me for one of the purchases. I got so
    frustrated that the complete idiot dumb asses you have working for you couldnt
    figure that out, that I cancelled my entire order.

    After doing a little reseach I found out that I was not alone. By the way – I'm
    sending this email on behalf of my mom so no need to email her back with your
    lame, stupid, unhelpful shitty, automated responses! I am instructor at a
    college and USED to give my students advice on purchasing Virus Software. But no
    way no how, will I ever suggest your lame-o software!

    Here's a word for you: FOCUS (Fuck Off Cuz You SUCK)!

  2. BOB MULLAY Says:

    Hijacker or hacker got past Trend Micro Pro security and stole my address book. Trend Micro support is worthless. End of story. Looking for a better product. McAfee no better. Help.

  3. cameron L. Says:

    yeah, Trend micro is fucking retarded. I used it in 2008 for my high powered lap top. Now in 2009 after I renewed Trend Micro, the thing went to crap almost immediately. I think a virus jumped on it to block it from finishing scans, finishing updates, and/or finishing just to load. It sits at 90% all the fucking time and when it does say it finishes scans, it says it finds absolutely shit. So, i bought another antivirus and it finds all the shit and removes the shit but fucking shit trend won't find the shit. FUCK THIS SHIT! Bye Trend! You fucking suck! I use Exobox now is the fucking best!

  4. Matt Says:

    I have been using Trend Micro Officescan at our business for 3 years. It fucking sucks. Each year I say I am going to get rid of it but haven't yet. This is it! We have had a plethora of viruses lately, of which TM Officescan detected none! I installed AVG, it found them. I installed MalwareBytes, it found them. I installed MS Security Essentials, it found them. How is it possible that TM can't find viruses, but 3 different FREE solutions can??? This software is a scam.

  5. Renee Says:

    I'm really fucking starting to fucking hate Trend Micro as well. In fact, I found this blog after doing a google search for "I fucking hate Trend Micro." I've already had to call twice because of weird multiple charges and confusing messages regarding my program expiring. Now I have these fucking pop up boxes every fucking 7 minutes. Fuck off! I hate you, Trend Micro.

    Fucking hell, the box popped up again. More wine, please.

  6. Gig Says:

    I completely agree with everything you have here. I am on the phone RIGHT NOW with Trend Fuckro trying to get a SLAMMED CC charge off of my card for an "autorenewal" that I didn't request, approve or want. I too used and recommended their products in the past – not anymore. I am also on a group that evaluates and recommends AV solutions for our organization of over 6000 PC's and servers. Our last recommendation was for Trend OfficeScan which is what we are currently running. Guess what's going to happen with our recommendation when that license is up for renewal? – go ahead, guess… let's just say at this rate, Trend will lucky to be in business within a year or two.

  7. Suzie Says:

    I made the mistake of renewing for my Trend Micro Internet Security for Dell for three years in order to get a cost savings. Dell should think seriously about cutting the cord with Trend Micro. When I renewed I was billed double what was supposed to be charged. I got the charge issue taken care of but they also removed the unlimited download feature at the same time so now anytime I need to reload the program I have to go the support in order to reload the program. I have tried to explain that I didn't want that feature removed to no avail. I had simply asked what the extra $5.00 charge was for & instead of explaining, the person I was speaking to removed the charge & the feature from my account. To make matters worse, a few months after renewing I started having serious virus problems that the program failed to stop. Both my husband & I called tech support & had so much trouble understanding the foreign support techs that they said they could not help us & sent us to another tech support line that charged us around $70.00 to fix our problem. Since then we have had two more virus attack that our Trend micro program was unable to fix & each time they said we would have to pay to fix the problem. I thought that was what we bought the program for. Anyway, I said, "F Trend Micro" both times & reformatted my hard drive instead. It may have been a hassled to reload all of my programs, but I'll be dammed if I am going to pay Trend Micro one more cent to fix a problem their program was supposed to prevent. I am beginning to feel like I am caught up in a mafia protection scheme. I see no point in keeping Trend Micro if their package can't protect my computer. My husband is convinced that Trend Micro is actually infecting our system with viruses in order to extort more money from us & I am beginning to thinks he may be right.

    By the way, I have tried Trend Micro's on line chat service & it sucks too. The chat link is hard to find on their website & once you get on. They spend as little time with you as possible. They suggest trying something else & then disconnect while you are still trying to talk to them. I tried chatting with them this morning & was cut off 3 times while in the middle of typing another question. Of course, their suggestion did not help. I am going to try them back in a bit & I expect they will tell me that they cannot help me further but for around $70.00 they know someone who guarantee can fix the problem.

  8. scott ferrell Says:

    Micro trend is just like fucking stinking macafee.Get AVG or Hitman Pro .Hitman has a true 30 day trial that doesnt request a credit card and is straight up and best of all it doesnt throw malware on your damn computer just so it will freak you out .Trust me Hitman pro.

  9. kori Says:

    I am glad to see this site, and have the opportunity to read everyones problems and the trouble this Micro Trend is. I wasn't sure if I were the only one or not.
    I too tried their service, this was about 2 months ago, I totally regret it!! Totally!!
    I cannot get them out of my computer, it's like they've latched on and refuse to leave. I've been noticing my computer getting worse and worse. I'm about to take it to a computer expert, to not only get this Micro Trend out, but to fix my computer as required and to get my computer running to where it should be.

    Needless to say, I am Not impressed with Micro Trend. I thankfully, did not purchase their product, I like to _test drive_ before I actually purchase.
    I will not be purchasing their product, nor will I ever recommend anyone does.
    I have tried various other products, like theirs, never did I once have such a problem attempting to remove them.

  10. kori Says:

    I almost forgot, I did want to mention in my previous post. However this has not been confirmed, I have heard from life time friend of mine.

    Apparently, Micro Trend has been testing a new "anti-virus" programs. My computer is unfortunatel one of the ones in which being "tested"
    Last week or so, I was in my control panel, and I went into..manage user password acct. I found something that was not suppose to be there.
    And especially being an Administrator, accessing my password.

    It's still there as I speak, I cannot get rid of it no mattr how many times i delete it. It won't go.
    It's called …………. virtualapps/didlogical (windows live)
    Like I stated, and I am by far a computer expert, but after reading comments here, I am beginning to wonder if my friend is correct when saying this is Micro Trend, my friend knows a few people who work at Micro Trend.
    I'm just wondering if perhaps maybe others should check in their control panel and their user/password, to see if they too have the same thing I have in there.
    I never go into the control panel, I had been reading a forum, and it was talking of this, so I went and checked, lo and behold, there it was. I have no idea how long it has been in there.

  11. observer Says:

    totally agree with Jack…..RTFM 1st!!!!! many who called themselves 'IT administrators' but failed to even understand basic TCP/IP. So why blame Trend Micro when you failed to understand what's in the manual guide and sucked at installating/configure Officescan in your network ? Do your expect antivirus to intelligently detect and remove all sorts of malware with zero false positives, behaving GOD-like ?

    Dont expect a 'install and forget' job because antivirus software is NOT 'All in one' solution preventing virus/malware attack. There are stuffs like operating system service packs, microsoft updates, patches, harderning, and best practises you need to implement. For unknown and suspected malware/virus files, samples are compressed and submitted. It takes vast experience, lots of readings and passion. So, Only qualified IT administrators or security engineers who knows best how to implement. NOT crappy users with no-brainer comments

    Dont find excuses for your incompetency. Maybe it's time to find yourself another job.

    As for home users, if you're not sure, seek expert advise.

  12. Jeremiah Says:

    This shit fucking sucks. Period. No question about. If you have this dumb piece of shit on your computer, might as well shit yourself. This stupid thing has literally made me so fucking mad the last few days. Slows me down to no end. Now it won't let me on a Website I have been getting on for fucking ages with it installed. Honestly don't feel like talking to some shit head in India, so Norton's or some shit here I come.

  13. Geraldine Says:

    Yep, it sucks. I have spent hours trying to activate this crap and it won't go through. "Cannot contact Trend Micro" or some crap. Even their online complaints form won't go through! Losers!!!

  14. n4p5ta08 Says:

    I agree with Jack and observer, Trend Micro is a very well built program. As a computer tech I have rarely seen any issues with it since 2005. Normally people dislike it because they have no clue on how to manage or use it. People get frustrated over little things that could have been solved by a simple call to Trend Micro. AVG, Norton, McAfee and many other virus software programs have had rediculous issues compared to Trend's products. I count how many times the other anti-virus software programs will not remove properly. Over half the time you will have to fine a special removal tool to kill the program. Out of all Norton has to be the worst. If Norton is not running or unistalled improperly, one can lose their internet connection. Anyways, Trend Micro is a great program with great support. Most of you who hate it just don't understand what you are doing.

  15. TheMadGreek Says:

    Ok, to those defending TM and claiming knowledge…clearly you don't know how Tm works, or you wouldn't be defending it. 1, Trend Micro uses a library of definitions to identify Malware, absolutely no intelligent scanning or monitoring. 2, it doesn't even provide a fire wall, it uses windows firewall and adds a "enhancer" that I have not actually been able to see do anything. 3, the definitions it does use doesn't cover most known older Malware…so that gets straight through like water through a cheese grader. To be fair, TM has great free tools, this I will agree to. House Call, and Hijack this are especially usefull. Those aren't going to protect you though, and neither will any of their software packages. TM is only good for people that stay in a very tight box of security themselves…very carefull about where they go and what they do. TM works for them mostly because it doesn't have to. If you want to heaven forbid go to risky sights or enjoy the internet at will, you really need better packages. Free AVG does a decently better job than TM, Norton has one of the most comprehensive packages now…and I used to call it Norton virus as an IT in the Navy. McAfee also has a very good package. TM just really doesn't have much going for it to recomend it aside from the price, but it's like going to a dollar store to buy a car seat for your child…yeah it's cheap, and maybe you are a safe driver…but do you really want to risk an accident with that?

  16. RichSpe Says:

    Just recently on October 18, I got a auto renewal message from Trend Micro stating thanks for ordering Titanium .

    Here's the email:We noticed that your credit card will or has expired before your renewal date. If no action is taken, your subscription will expire and you will be vulnerable to viruses and security threats. To ensure your subscription continues seamlessly, simply click here to stay protected.

    My Credit card expired of 3/11, AND was issued a new credit card with a new 3 digit security number. Yet Trend Micro sold me the renewal without a valid credit card.
    Somethings going on here either my credit card company allowed the payment without security number or Trend micro hacked my personal information.

    No matter because I'll be notifying the authorities about this fraud.

  17. Charlie Says:

    I have used Trend Micro for years. Whenever my "Subscription Expired" I wasn't even able to use the portion of the program I had paid for. I told them that they have lost a customer for life. I hope the company goes bankrupt.

  18. dez Says:

    All that was said !!! I called support (south Asia) asked for phone number to speak to support in America – called, its a girl chat line to live girls and was charged for that…the company sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tech thats not a Trend Knob Goobler Says:



    This email is designed to help you solve the problem.
    If you are an ISP, you can

    1. Add the rDNS of this IP to clearly indicate static.
    ex: mail.mail-abuse.com (O)
    99-47-70-150.dynamic-IP.mail-abuse.com (X)

    2. Add a statement in WHOIS information indicating the space is
    statically assigned.

    If you are an end user, please check your email configuration (STEP 1 below). If that does not stop the IP from being blocked, you can contact your ISP for further action (STEP 2 below).


    Here are two things to check about your mail configuration:

    Email Client
    Check that the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) setting on your email client (such as Outlook Express or Mail) is using the outgoing mail server for your ISP. Most ISPs require that you use their mail server to avoid spamming incidents.

    Email Server or Proxy Server
    If you run a mail server on your computer, or if your local network uses a proxy server, set the SMTP Gateway setting on the mail server or proxy server to your ISP's outgoing mail server. This will force your mail server or proxy server to send all outgoing mail to the ISP first, and then the ISP will relay it to its final destination.

    Note: If you are a RoadRunner business customer, you may need to contact your ISP to get your business IP marked as static. They will then let Trend know of the change.
    FUCK OFF!!!

  20. trend is the worst company in the world Says:

    Why Trend Micro sucks?

    1/ no icons to identify clearly the products, this starts at their download webpage: see http://downloadcenter.trendmicro.com/index.php?regs=uk

    2/ Trend Micro documentation is so lame that it's still using fonts for print!

    Nobody will ever print a 785 pages such as OfficeScan's Admin Guide

    see http://downloadcenter.trendmicro.com/index.php?regs=uk&clk=latest&clkval=3802&lang_loc=2

    Thus it's not readable at all on screen as the eye can't grasp it easily.

    It's moreover without that much graphics as most of their software interface is text based!

    Even the logo of the company is just made of a T and a O in italics with a red circle behind.

    This shows how poor on this domain they are.

    And for each products there is 6 documents at least instead of just one, which brings a lot of confusion to customers.

    Imagine the mess for their supports teams…

    And thus the slow response time from them to their customers…

    / This company is lazy, very badly organized: conservatism and disorganization are the essence of Trend.

    You see that from their website and information it gives.

  21. Louisa Says:

    Trend Micro is indeed a fucking asshole of a company! I just bought a new PC yesterday and decided to install this crap ware on my brand new Windows 8 system. My system installed the PC-cillin and I used the key provided to me by my college. After I entered the key, it took forever to install. After all the crap loads of bloated software are installed, TM tells me my key is invalid. Fuck me. What's worse, it locks itself up and doesn't even at least protect my system on a trial basis, leaving my poor OS vulnerable to attacks. So I tried to uninstall it. I really tried. But the fucked up installer kept stopping halfway and when I restarted, I couldn't even do an uninstall using Revo uninstaller! Seriously, I just wish this Taiwanese, Japanese-wannabe company rot in eternal hell…and u know what, yesterday there was the TransAsia plane crash and I hope all the fuckards that worked for TM have died in this crash. Fucking rogue ware is this piece of trend micro shit!