The Return of the Daily Stand Up

I switched jobs recently and although the current company used to do daily stand up status meetings ala Scrum/XP/Agile/Wagilefall, they had stopped at some point. As near as I can tell, they stopped because they couldn't keep the meetings short and on track. I expressed to my manager(s) that I thought it'd be great to start doing them again and lo and behold we had one on Monday.

Of course, the first issue that came up was the notion of the correct time. Inevitably when you try to start a meeting "on time" you get bogged down with the fact that no one thinks they're late because their clock says they're not. In the past I've used web based atomic clocks, but I'm now convinced that anyone planning to start meetings on time has to invest in a digital clock that synchronizes with the official time. I further suspect that anyone thinking that the people they work with are too mature to have this "argument" is probably wrong. We also haven't settled on the "punishment" for being late. I'm a big fan of cash fines though.


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