Google Android and Grand Central

I'm enamored with the idea of Google Android. I briefly looked at the development kit and was very impressed by it. And then I did nothing with it. Part of the problem is that there is no Android capable phone at the moment. That takes some of the sex appeal out of developing for it. More than that is the fact that I don't have any ideas for applications that I'm all that passionate about.

This weekend I heard that Google acquired Grand Central. They're a company I've never heard of but they've got an impressive list of features. Grand Central is a "web-based voice communications platform". It'll let you do all sorts of cool things with your phones via a single number.

This got me to thinking about cool things you could do with Grand Central and Android. Where I work, we use a product called Contactual to route calls for our support number to any other phone number. You can also use their web interface to place an outgoing call and have the resulting call sent to your phone. This is in place so support technicians don't inadvertently give their personal phone number to a customer via caller ID. Once a customer gets a personal number they think that they have a buddy in technical support that can't help them out whenever they run into a snag, rather than going through the proper channels.

What would be interesting would be to see an Android/Grand Central application that would make a similar scenario as easy as dialing an ordinary number. Perhaps allowing you to select any of your phone numbers from a drop down when making the call.

Many of the other features listed on Grand Central's page also look like they'd be an excellent fit with an Android phone.

  • Call Record – Use the phone to signal to the server that you want to record your current call
  • Block Callers – Why not use Android to let you mark an incoming call's number (or current call) as a blocked number?
  • Call Switch – Use your phone to transfer your current call to any of your other numbers.

All of these things are possible with Grand Central and become that much cooler if you can use your phone to do them more directly. It seems like a great tie in for an upcoming product and a recent acquisition all in the same related problem space. Of course, I'm far too lazy and stupid to code any of it, but it still sounds cool.


2 Responses to “Google Android and Grand Central”

  1. Ricky Says:

    I actually have the T-Mobile G1 phone and own a Grand Central number. I think those guys can do wonder if they take your ideas.

    Please google do something with Grand Central and Android!

  2. Charlie Friborg Says:

    Still not so sure about Apple. I do love their products but the whole patent drama has really turned me off buying their products.

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